Art & Contributions

Here we will showcase some of the fan art and other contributions we’ve received over the years.

Greg as a young man by Cynthia Blair

Schoolboy Greg by Jeff Owenby

Jewelry by Catherine
Mark Lockey's Trilogy
by Mark Lockey
Mark Lockey's Tarkus
by Mark Lockey
Mark Lockey's Asia Dragon
by Mark Lockey

Greg Lake neon

Neon Greg by Frank

Greg Lake alternate cover

Jean-Bernard’s vision of what the
“From the Underground” cover
should have been.

Greg Lake in 1974

Greg in 1974, by Nancy

Andy's story

Andy Pluta

Greg Lake in 1974

Greg, by Andy

Carolyn's Art

Carolyn’s Greg Lake art
(This now hangs in his home studio!)

Greg Lake in 1974

I’ve lost who sent this – is it yours?

Special effects by Frank

Chrome Greg by Frank
Greg in '72 by Laura
Greg in ’72 by Laura

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