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A Collection of Emerson, Lake & Palmer Posters & Advertisements

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Posters & Inserts

ELP in Concert poster

From CIRCUS Magazine

Rock and Roll Your Eyes

Mountain poster

Love Beach Merchandise

Love Beach Vinyl Insert

Spontaneous Combustion poster

Greg Lake produces
“Spontaneous Combustion”

Stray Dog poster

“Stray Dog” appeared on the Manticore label

Poster from 1970

1970 Poster

ELP, the original power trio? - thanks GaƩtan!

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Moog Ad

Yamaha Ad

Rotosound Ad

ELP Appearance

ELP Appearance

ELP Appearance

ELP Appearance

ELP Thank the Readership

ELP thanks the readership

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Debut Announcement

ELP debuts

Debut Ad

ELP and The Who

ELP at the Hardrock


Keith is ill

ELP at Southampton

ELP at the Plastic Dog

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Album Ads

ELP Debut Album Ad


Dutch Ad for 'Works'
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