Happy Birthday, T!

A big happy birthday to our own Terry, A.K.A. “T” today! Merry Christmas Birthday!

Happy Birthday T!


Happy 70th Birthday to Mr. Lake in Music Heaven

Today we remember Mr. Greg Lake on what would have been his 70th birthday. It’s also the first time since 2001 that we haven’t had a virtual birthday card on this site that we’ve collected signatures from fans to send to him. So it’s with much sadness that we say, Happy Birthday up there in Music Heaven, Mr. Lake – I know you’re jamming with Keith and all the other greats that have passed on before you. R.I.P. good and kind sir. We sure do miss you.

2016 Virtual Birthday Card
Previous Years’ Virtual Birthday Cards

Happy birthday Greg in Music Heaven


2016 Virtual Birthday Card is ready to sign!

As we have done in years past, the 2016 Greg Lake Virtual Birthday Card is now online and ready to sign. We ask that you keep it short and simple and PLEASE follow a couple of rules. Ladies of the Lake reserves the right to edit any and all posts for clarity and to follow said rules.

1. BIRTHDAY MESSAGES ONLY please. Do not ask when Greg is going out on tour or about any other subject. This is not the place, nor the time to do this.

2. Don’t comment on THIS post – click the link above to access the post where you will sign the card. Thanks! We wanted you to see this post and read the terms & disclaimers first 🙂 If you comment here, your comments won’t be on the card and they won’t be sent to Greg.

Again, here is the link to the card, for signing: 2016 Greg Lake Virtual Birthday Card

Feel free to share on social media or however you like. Thanks for spreading the word!


Happy Birthday, Lucky Man

Happy 68th birthday to our favorite “Lucky Man,” Mr. Greg Lake! To help us all celebrate, take a look at this fantastic HD video on YouTube. I love this visual rendition of the song.


Greg Lake Virtual Birthday Card 2014

Nov. 10 – Comments are now closed and card is being sent – thanks to all for your participation! If and when Greg has any comments, we will post them here! E.


Please sign our Greg Lake Virtual Birthday Card at the link below. As in years past, we’d like to ask you to follow a couple of simple rules when signing. We reserve the right to edit or change any posts as these are being sent directly to Greg on Novemember 10th!

1. Birthday wishes ONLY please!

2. Please do NOT ask when ELP will reunite. He’s been asked this question a million times and the answer is still “THEY’RE NOT.”

3. Please don’t ask about him coming to your town and playing a show, or when he’s going out on tour. This is not the time nor the place – see #1.

Thanks to all for your participation and here is the link:

2014 Virtual Birthday Card


Greg reacts to virtual birthday card

Received these comments from Mr. Lake today after sending him your birthday greetings:

“As always, I never fail to be moved by the sincerity and goodwill of all the people who write in with their birthday wishes. As you know whenever I perform I always like to try and meet as many people as possible after the show just to say hello and perhaps have a chance to exchange a few words in the hope that in some way they may create a material bond to something that had previously only existed in a spiritual way through the music. When I receive these birthday messages every year it is a poignant reminder of just how meaningful and important these few moments are.

Thank you once again to you and to all who left messages.




2013 Virtual Birthday Card

November 10, 2013

Comments are now closed as this is being sent to Greg.


We’ve created the 2013 Virtual Birthday Card for Greg Lake, and it’s ready for you to sign! As in years past, we will deliver your birthday greetings to him on Nov. 10 and let you know what he says. Please observe the following guidelines:

Please limit your comments to birthday wishes only. Please do not ask when ELP are getting back together – at this point, they are not, and he has already been asked this question a million times. We just want to wish him a happy day 🙂 We reserve the right to edit or delete comments.

2013 Virtual Birthday Card