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From 1970 to 1979, Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer filled stadiums worldwide and recorded several gold and platinum albums, changing the face of music with their works.

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Groovy trousers

Dig them crazy leather pants...(Thanks, Alf!)

Greg at the Isle of Wight Show

Greg onstage at the Isle of Wight show

Greg plays acoustic

Greg, Unplugged

Greg onstage

GL on stage, BSS Tour '74, by Mark L.


Hold that tiger!

Tiger in a Spotlight:

"My other recollection of this song was doing it on television in Germany, I believe in Hamburg, when some bright spark came up with the idea of bringing in a real tiger to have on the stage, which I kinda went along with until the show was over and they actually brought him into my dressing room to say goodbye and I said, 'Get him out of here!' You know, it was a whole, huge tiger! And they told me, 'No, don't worry about it. He doesn't bite.' And I said, 'How can you guarantee me what's in his head?'" ~ Greg Lake

Dangerous Rock

The Boys onstage with their new pet


Thanks, Doug!

Doug's "Works Concert '77" Pendant

ELP Ticket Stub

Ticket stub from 1972 concert - Thanks, Mark!

Transportation Itinerary

Truck itinerary for the 1974 tour - Thanks, Linda!

Rooming arrangements

Hotel Room Lists 77 - Thanks, Linda!


Easy come, easy go

News blurb about making 20 grand in a day


Tarkus Review and pic of the creature

ELP in Montreal

ELP and orchestra - from a Montreal newspaper

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Jørgen Angel Photography

Breakfast with ELP

Click for more great ELP shots (used by permission)

ELP tee shirt logo

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©2007 Ladies of the Lake

Ladies of the Lake

WORDS Magazine ELP Appear in WORDS Lyric Mag, 6/1/77 - short review of "Works, Vol. 1"

1973 Tourbook 1973 European Tourbook - Click to view all pages

1974 Tourbook
'74 British Tour Program - Click to view all pages

Greg Greg in a German magazine - thanks Gudrun!

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Radio Promos:
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ELP's Debut
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The 'Tarkus'
The Tarkus creature onstage

The Three

ELP on stage
"Brain Salad Surgery" Tour

Sand in their toes
"Love Beach" promotional photo

Artistic stage backdrop
Stage shot

Greg smiles
Greg enjoys the spotlight

GL in Ohio
Greg onstage at the Richfield, OH Coliseum, 1977 - Thanks, Neil!

CP in Ohio
Carl onstage at the Richfield, OH Coliseum, 1977 - Thanks, Neil!

Golden G
Greg in a golden spotlight

Golden G 2
Greg in gold

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