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"My Intimate Evening with Greg" by Terry

The Pick

I had the pleasure of seeing Greg with Ringo and the All-Starr band on Aug. 13, 2001 in Atlanta, GA. The following is the story of what happened after my long battle to make my way from the back of the place to right in front of the stage.

"My Close Encounter" by Alannah

Alannah in pyjamas

I went to the Centre Molson in Montreal to see Ringo Starr. I had never heard of Greg Lake before, or Ian Hunter, or Sheila E. I'm only 16 and was pleasantly surprised when Greg started to sing.

"My Close Encounter" by Tom

Keith Emerson with Tom

It was a Friday night in October 1992. I had just returned from the pub and was having a coffee when the telephone rang. It was Keith calling from Holland where ELP had just played a concert. He told me that his L100 was very ill and, as their next gig was in Manchester at the Apollo, and I lived nearby, did I know anyone who could take a look at it?

"My Greg Lake MOMENT!" by Amy

8/16/01 - Horseshoe Casino/Hotel, Tunica MS: In my room on the 7th floor overlooking entrance to Bluesville and saw 2 tour busses outside - never got dressed so fast in my life. Threw my ELP Works CD sleeve in my purse and ran downstairs - didn't see a soul.

"My Greg Story" by Dan

It was around 1977. The Works (Vol 1) tour. Might have been the second go-'round on that tour ... can't quite remember. Anyway, they were playing at the University of Maryland Cole Field House. Long story short: I found out that the boys were staying at The Watergate Hotel in D.C.

Sandi's Story


I live in Indianapolis and another Beatle friend of mine who lives in Champagne-Urbana, IL had seen Ringo et al at Fox Theatre in St. Louis before. He got 4 tickets and my husband and I got two of them. We were so close we could almost touch Greg and Howard!


Rosie and George

It was September 1997 and my husband and I heard that ELP were playing at the Beacon theater in NYC. I called my ticket guy and lo and behold I got front row seats! I couldn't believe it. I would be sitting right in front of Keith Greg and Carl.

"ELP and Me" by Maire

Maire with the Boys

NYC June 9th, 1992 --ELP had just left the long time famous rock station WNEW-FM after doing an interview and playing selections from Black Moon on Scott Muni's show. Scott and the late Allison Steele were very instrumental in playing ELP early in the 70's on WNEW-FM, being probably the only station that played the long songs of the progressive bands from that time.

Bill's Encounter(s)

Bill in action

This is what I think was a very positive, life changing kind of encounter. When I was 15, a relative of ours promoted all the big acts in our city and I always had tickets and passes to all the cool shows. My uncle, cousins, and I got to the arena very early, before the sound checks. My uncle bumped into this man he knew who ran a recording studio and started talking with him.

Theresa's Tale

Steve with Keith and Greg

My husband Steve and I were lucky enough to attend an evening with Emerson, Lake & Palmer at Humphreys in San Diego. This concert took place in September 30, 1997 at this 1200 seat venue located on a yacht basin. We made a special flight from Seattle just to see the show.

Blane's "Brush With Greatness"

Blane's ticket stub

Good morning Ladies!! Attached is a scanned copy of a little memento of a rare event - a Greg Lake solo gig !! I found it in my King Biscuit Live album CD case after having thought it lost for some years!! As some of you may know - cos I think I've told the story before!! - I got Greg to sign it after the show.

Margit's ELP Party

Margit and friends

Hi Lake Lady..I had the wonderful chance of meeting Greg when they came down to Chile...

"The First Time I Met Greg" by Linda

Linda's ticket stub

Richmond, VA - August 6, 1974: I worked at a record shop on Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond that summer. I was 17 years old. I really only wanted to play ELP, Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Yes at the store. When I was working that was all you would hear. Maybe a little Led Zeppelin, however, definitely the beginnings of a prog rocker.

One of the radio DJs who often came in told me that ELP was playing the Richmond Coliseum and that he had tickets from the station, so I could go with him and his friends if I wanted...

Carl's Collaboration

Greg and Carl

I recently came across some old photos from a show that I played with Greg in Van Nuys California. We played an outdoor festival put on by KLSX radio in Los Angeles when they had a rock format. If I remember correctly we played on the bill with Dave Mason, Kansas and Stephen Stills. This was an outdoor event with a reported 48,000 people in June of 1993. Greg was in excellent form. We had Richard Baker (from Gino Vanelli and Santana) on keyboards and Larry Meyers on mandolin (fresh off a stint with Bob Dylan) but I do not recall who the other players may have been. I will leave you with an amusing little story from this show...

Brian's Bash

Brian's ticket stub

Believe it or not, I too had a 'chance' encounter with one GREG LAKE and Carl Palmer...

Carla's Creativity

Carla and Greg

Hi, great website. I first met ELP during a radio interview in Worcester, MA in 1977. A friend of mine and I embroidered Tarkus on the back of a vest for Keith and was invited to bring it up to him.

Bryce's Birthday

Hello!...and may I say, "What a great website! I love it!" At the time I was residing in North Carolina, but was told if I could get back to L.A., I could see ELP, Deep Purple and Dream Theater. (Aug. 30, '98) I have been an ELP fan since I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl in 1971.

Hank's Handshake

Hello everyone, my name is Hank Rodio. I live in Hammonton, New Jersey, USA. I've been an ELP enthusiast since the summer of 1972, I was 15 when I heard Tank for the first time. I've been inspired since then. ELP's music always let me "think", which to me is relaxing. Now, I'm 49 and I would like to share a story with everyone.

Jacqueline's Joy

Jacqueline and Greg

I had got to the age of 42 and have to say never heard of Greg Lake, although Emerson Lake and Palmer was a band I remember from my younger years. I met a good friend who is a singer songwriter and music is his life. My first concert was to see Ian Hunter and my second was a visit to Manchester to see Greg Lake.

Anthony's Acquaintance

Anthony and Greg

My wife Elaine and I live in Los Angeles, CA and we were at Universal Studios one sunny weekend afternoon. We were in line to purchase tickets to enter the park when I spotted Greg Lake coming to join the line as well.

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Ladies of the Lake

GL in blue

"Being in ELP is like mixing a cocktail. There are all these elements and when you mix them all together you have this concoction that is something powerful and, hopefully, tasteful." ~ Greg Lake

Thanks, Bernd!

Greg does his best Rod Stewart imitation, circa 1986

Thanks, Mark!

Thank you Mark

Greg onstage during the Brain Salad Surgery tour, 1974

Thanks, Pam!

Greg smiles sardonically in this 1973 promotional shot.

Thanks, Pam!

Greg doing what he does best.

Greg plays in 1974

Greg onstage in 1974.

Thanks, Pam

Greg plays his heart-hole Zemaitis with comments from an article.

Greg finally gets his ladder

Greg in CIRCUS, 1972 - see our Interview Page for this and many other articles.

Greg's CD collection

Greg shows off his CD collection, 2003

Lake and his fabulous double-neck - thanks Gaétan!

Greg plays his double-neck in this colorful, moody shot

ELP, the original power trio? - thanks Gaétan!

Emerson, Lake and Palmer pose for a publicity poster

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VIP Pass
Theresa and Steve's VIP pass - see "Theresa's Tale" for the full story

Thanks, Gudrun!
Greg in a German Magazine

Greg concentrates

Greg during the E L & Powell MTV Interview (from the video clip)

Greg smiles during the interview

Greg is happy to talk about ELPowell

Greg expounds on what made ELPowell tick in an MTV interview.

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ELPowell Promotional Shot

Thanks, Knarf!

Frank's ELPowell Ticket Stub

You're runnin' with the devil...

Greg sings "Touch and Go" from the promotional video. For more shots and memorabilia, see our E L & Powell page.

Thanks, Gudrun!

Greg at Cal Jam

Keith spins and Greg sings at the California Jam - See our CalJam page for more!

They said there'd be snow at Christmas...

Greg sings, "I Believe in Father Christmas" (from the video)


Still shot from the "Daddy" clip and interview

Trying to quit

Greg shows off his nicotine patch during a 1993 Canadian TV interview

Karn Evil 9

The heavy instrument

Greg plays his double-necked guitar/bass in the "Manticore Special" video

Betcha five dollars he was a good dog, too

Greg sings "Old Blue" in the middle of a live performance of "Take a Pebble," 1971 (see our Archives and Collections page to find out how to watch these and other videos)

Concert program from 1971 - thanks, Craig!

Greg appears in a magazine in 1973 - thanks, Craig!

Poster from 1970

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Thank you Frank

"Jerusalem" picture sleeve, front and back, sent by Frank. We have many more picture sleeves on our Archives & Collections page.

Thanks, Jørgen
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From CIRCUS, Jan. '74 - doesn't he look like Robert Plant in this one?

Photo by Mary Ann Burns
Greg and Linda, 1986, ELPowell tour. (See story, left, for more)

Thanks, Donna!
Greg at home

Thanks, Carl

Greg and Carl onstage
Carl Kennedy on drums with Greg Lake (See story, left, for more)